Not to forget that lifestyle is a very important factor for a healthy life and for achieving harmony (peace) and happiness (health) through daily routines according to the changes of seasons, i.e., nutrition, breathing exercises / pranayama, walking in nature, relaxation, meditation, yoga, etc. The meaning of life can be different for each of us, but there is something unique for all of us and that is peace. It is of greatest important for us to know that our inner peace comes from the state of our health. To create the meaning of our own life is a kind of dialogue / thought between the inner and outer world. Life is expressed through many diverse details of life. When we look for a meaning in the inner realms of our life – in the working day, in congenial or not so sympathetic colleagues, friends, in happy or painful moments – when we look for it in ourselves and not outside, the quest deepens the experience of existence. There was an interesting event that initiated my project the Dr. Gupta shop. There were two kinds of tomatoes on sale, one as you usually see in the supermarkets – perfect look, but with no taste at all – and the other one close to the market place that had neither an appealing colour nor shape, named „Ox Heart“ – where is common name for tomatoes in of the living environment south-eastern European. The difference was that I knew the farmer who grew it and I knew it was grown in a truly organic way. I stood there for 15 minutes and watched people „buying beauty, but not Health!“ I have always been aware of the fact that most people have no awareness of „food as Health“. Not to mention millions of other examples for everyday good well-being / happiness, i.e., „what is good and what is harmful in nutritional status.“ An additional motivation for implementing the Dr. Gupta shop is visible through many years of my practice in traditional, natural and acknowledged medicine, with the help of which I have helped many people who also did not have the knowledge/awareness, not only about correct / healthy food, but also things like food supplements and other products for their everyday well-being. Recommended products from the Dr. Gupta shop are identified by my everyday practice outside of the Indian subcontinent. The Dr. Gupta brand / logo is protected under No. 201770816 patent act with the purpose of both enhancing the trust in mother Ayurveda in India and building a greater trust in it in Europe. Recommended products are based on the great knowledge of doctrine for its purpose and use of natural medicine. They have no negative effects in the prevention, nor in the cure. They have excellent effects in cells Agni (metabolism) and Srotas (channels in vessels and intestines). Comprehensive toxicology examinations guaranty that in final products there is no presence of pesticides, fungicides or other harmful agents. They can be used alone or together with medicaments from your personal doctor or specialist. In Ayurvedic medicine the calendar is measured through the change of the seasons. This in itself is not merely the corrective and mechanical tick of the watch, but a rather natural process. Every season requires the adaption of our daily routines. Accordingly, we recommend some of the products to be used during autumn, some during winter, and some in warmer environments, depending on the climate in your surroundings. In the Dr. Gupta Shop the products directly stem from nature / plants, which are contained in the produces and collected. Because of the influence of climate change, like monsoons, high or low temperatures or high humidity, the offer in Dr. Gupta shop will be limited. Some of the products are enriched with original recipes of my humble person and the Dr. Gupta logo is always imprinted on them. In accordance with the technological progress, financial capabilities, environmental standards for the packaging of organic products, we aim to provide a natural product with adequate protection from external influences immediately after manufacture, during the transport and maintenance of the product itself. We are against animal testing and none of our products or ingredients has been tested on animals.

Smajo Safic Gupta, Vaidya

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