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Eight Mukhi faced the Rudraksha

The bead is considered to remove hindrances in life and help people in distress.


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Eight Mukhi faced the Rudraksha represents Lord Ganesha who is worshipped before any work. Lord Ganesha is the child of Lord Shiva and also the emblem of intellect and wisdom. The bead is considered to remove hindrances in life and help people in distress. As Lord Ganesha is also known as Viganharata which means the person who sets you free from problems, similarly this form of Rudraksha is also considered a problem solver. Wearing Rudraksha is also helpful for professions or opportunities related to probability like the lottery, stock exchange etc. It helps to overcome unexpected delay in life; It helps to deal with failures and obstacles; It helps to change the mindset and makes you active in dealing with adversities; It helps to cure lung, liver and stomach related problems; It increases wisdom and awareness in the wearer; It makes the person strong and makes him/ her capable to face challenges in life and deal with them and gives an unexpected result which is positive and hopeful; It helps to bring success in life – makes the wearer revive energy and multiply removing dullness from life; It imbibes in the person positivity, satisfaction and happiness; It helps to treat leg or bone-related problems; It provides the wearer with will power and stability and helps to remove mental lethargy; It keeps the wearer protected from any kind of evil spells or activity; It removes lust and greed from the person. By the spiritual power of Jyoti’s astrology, helps to remove the malefic effect of planet Ketu. Wearing Rudraksha can help to nullify the effect of Kaal Sarp Dosha and overcome from troubles and hindrances which might affect different aspects of life. Its ruling planet is Ketu. So, wearing this bead helps to nullify the ill- effect of planet Rahu and Shani Dosha. The Rudraksha is associated with Muladhara chakra which represents the safety and survival aspects in a person. It is advised to draw the beads, carry in silk / wool thread and capped in silver or gold. You can also wear it as a bracelet, but it is advised to wear it as a pendant. It has the same effect if it is carried in a pocket in a quality cotton cloth or bag.

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