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Eleven Mukhi faced the Rudraksha

The wearer is liberated from the fear of the cycle of birth and death.


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Eleven Mukhi faced the Rudraksha has represents Lord Hanuman who is also considered as the 11th avatar of Lord Shiva. The wearer is liberated from the fear of the cycle of birth and death. It is also called Ekadashi Rudra as it is blessed with quality, dedication and focus of Lord Hanuman. This Rudraksha is also blessed by Lord Indra with all its virtues. It is said that if you wear it around the neck or head then you are likely to attain instant results. The powerful bead has absorbed blessings from eleven gods making it more beneficial and a remedy that can make life better and take away all the problems from life. It makes the wearer explore their oratory skills and excel; It helps to gain physical and mental strength and makes the person intelligent; It helps the wearer control their physical senses and makes the person fearless to go ahead in life; It helps in meditation and focus on single-minded devotion towards god; It promises good luck and fortune to the wearer; It acts as a protection for the travellers to keep them safe from any problem; It helps to improve the decision-making ability of the person; It helps to manage the anger of people and stay calm; It helps in improving networking skills and helps in making powerful speeches and strengthens self- esteem; It helps to energise the immune system of the body; It provides the wearer longevity and protection; It helps to remove fear from the person; It helps to give stability in business and professional front; It helps to encourage people who face failures in life and attain success; It works to strengthen Vishuddha chakra that signifies the throat; It helps to reduce the ill- effect of Sade Sati on people. By the spiritual power of Jyoti’s astrology, helps to remove the malefic effect of planet Saturn. Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha awakens the inner Guru in the wearer and saves him or her from evil eye and black magic activities. It is advised to draw the beads, carry in silk / wool thread and capped in silver or gold. You can also wear it as a bracelet, but it is advised to wear it as a pendant. It has the same effect if it is carried in a pocket in a quality cotton cloth or bag.

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