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Kaphaketu Rasa is an effective Ayurvedic product treatment for asthmatic attacks, breathlessness, sinus attacks, and accumulation of fibrous growth in the body. The product also works effectively for problems like rhinitis, cough, running nose, and cold. If a person is facing pus formation inside teeth or gums, the dose of product is the best treatment for them. Also helps with fever associated with Pratishyaya (sinusitis), Shirogorov (excessive sleep, loss of appetite, Tandra (lethargy) – Kapha disorder. By using product, a person does not need too much to take antibiotics and anti-allergic medications. Use of product: 125mg (one or two tablets) once or twice a day before or after meal or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor / Talk with expert. It is traditionally administered with fresh ginger juice.

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