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One Mukhi faced the Rudraksha

It can provide extreme power, wealth and is highly useful for meditation.



One Mukhi faced the Rudraksha is the king of all Rudraksha beads. It is the fruit of Rudraksha trees which is associated with the attainment of eternity. It is ruled by Lord Shiva. It is known to help attain moksha and overcome all perils in life among the Sages. It can provide extreme power, wealth and is highly useful for meditation. It is seen that if you wear Rudraksha you don’t get pulled towards sinful deeds, as it keeps you from going towards the wrong path even if you don’t pray and just wear it. It gives clarity of mind and connects you with the god; It takes care of Sahasrara chakra which symbolizes the link between heaven and earth; It helps the wearer attain spiritual and material benefits; It destroys the sins and past Karma of the wearer; It helps to cure migraines; It helps to cure depression and anxiety; It helps in neurotic disorders and helps to attain peace of mind; It helps to increase concentration and helps you to have full control of your senses; It helps to cure night blindness; It helps to cure respiratory diseases. By the spiritual power of Jyoti’s astrology, it helps to remove the negative effect of malefic planets; Especially worn to remove the malefic effect of planet Sun in the birth chart; It makes the wearer ambitious; When placed in the house it helps the whole family live in peace and harmony; It removes complications from life; It helps in controlling everyday anger; It blesses the wearer with leadership qualities and helps to overcome stress. It is advised to draw the beads, carry in silk / wool thread and capped in silver or gold. You can also wear it as a bracelet, but it is advised to wear it as a pendant. It has the same effect if it is carried in a pocket in a quality cotton cloth or bag.

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