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Twenty Mukhi faced the Rudraksha

It is believed that the divine powers are centred here. The wearer of this bead will attain grace and knowledge in all spheres of life.



Twenty Mukhi faced the Rudraksha is blessed by Param Brahma who is also one of the trinity gods of the Vedas. The trio comprises of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh. It is believed that the divine powers are centred here. The wearer of this bead will attain grace and knowledge in all spheres of life. The bead is a combination of powers which helps the wearer evolve, learn, observe and apply all this knowledge to attain material success. It helps in wealth and spiritual enhancement and also pushes to make wise decisions to stabilise it. Rudraksha is also blessed by Lord Kubera who is considered to be the guardian of wealth. Amongst the other beads, the Rudraksha is one of the rarest beads with instant results found in the world. It ensures to bless material benefits to the wearer and grant all his wishes. The bead is especially for those who are very ambitious in life and desire to achieve almost everything. It helps to attain great heights in life along with respect and dignity. The wearer of this bead is washed off all past sins and is ignited to enhance his relationship with the surroundings and self. It provides spiritual benefits and provides mental peace; It grants the power of visualization and possesses lateral thinking abilities; It expands the mental horizon and consciousness and helps to treat stress; It also helps to treat bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s along with other neurological ailments and helps to cure autism; It also helps to ease the pain of knee and joints; It transfers the high healing energy to the wearer and helps the person to be more honest; It reduces depression and removes laziness and dullness and helps the person be more active; It removes the fear of untimely death from the mind and helps to increase self- confidence in the person; It helps in career growth and your hard work to be recognised; It helps to think logically and make wise decisions; It helps to improve eye-sight; It reduces anxiety attacks; It keeps off all kinds of evil spells from the wearer’s surrounding; It is also considered to help treat snakebite and poison; It grants name, fame and growth; It works to make Sahasrara and Vishuda chakra function properly. By the spiritual power of Jyoti’s astrology, the ruling planet of Rudraksha are all nine planets and they protect the person from the malefic effect of the Moon. It is advised to draw the beads, carry in silk / wool thread and capped in silver or gold. You can also wear it as a bracelet, but it is advised to wear it as a pendant. It has the same effect if it is carried in a pocket in a quality cotton cloth or bag.

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