About Snehana

The procedure through which the body attains moistness, smoothness, unctuousness, fluidity and ooziness is called Snehana. The word ‘Snehana’ means providing unction, olations lubrication, rubbing or smearing with oil or creams unguents, being or becoming oily etc. The process of unction or unction therapy in Ayurveda is an important preparatory procedure (Purvakarma) performed before purification therapies (Panchakarma). It includes internal and external administration of unctuous substances like ghee, ayurvedic oil etc. (Sneha dravya). Besides this unction therapy (Snehana) is also applied as principal treatment in various disease conditions due to vitiated all three dosha Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Abhyanga & Purvakarma is a component of every day rubbing massage for general health and wellbeing especially in the context of Ayurvedic program. An important role lies in special ayurvedic herbal oils, which are slowly being heated (Snehanas) and gently rubbed into the body for preserving good health. Oils are chosen on basis of Vikruti – physical state of the client. Purvakarma is a process, in which exclusively medicine oils and other natural substances for the purpose of wellbeing and good health are used. Human body is made from essence of unctuous substances (Sneha). A person habitual to consume unctuous substance daily (for example ghee) is benefitted with good digestion, proper evacuation of bowels, optimum quality of body constituents, good strength and complexion, proper functioning of sense organs and longevity. A person accustomed with therapeutic ayurvedic massage is not afflicted by injury due to external trauma or strenuous physical exertion. Among all types of unctuous substances ghee and sesame oil is considered as most important substance in Ayurveda. Furthermore, the word for oil and cream preparations / product in Sanskrit Sneha is also a word for love, and therefore holds a special place in the Ayurvedic tradition as the ultimate nourisher and carrier of love. Products Snehana which provides Dr. Gupta shop, are in many ways confirmed by modern biology and medicine are made in accordance with strict standards, comprehensive toxicological studies while ensuring that the final product has no pesticides, fungicides or harmful substances (GMP – brand trust in India). Product can be used independently and together with the medication recommended by your doctor or a specialist doctor, and are specifically designed for physical condition in the world is receiving increasing attention and force due to the nature of the manufacturing process and efficiency: Herbal drinks are made from crushed and pressed fresh herbs with accessories dust from dried herbs, which are targeted against obesity and to improve the rate of metabolism; Herbal paste is made by grinding herbs for indoor and outdoor use, for the purpose of endurance of all body structures, while assisting various swellings; Tablets and capsules are made in the form of powders and pastes from plant extracts, affecting the gastro-intestinal and respiratory tract and chest; also affect the capillaries, lymphatic glands, tissues and cells; Different tinctures are made from herbs or spices, and are directed to the operation of all of the glands and to affect various allergic conditions; Herbs for diabetes as products are useful for people who consume a lot of insulin. Herbs help to complications such as frequent urination, fatigue, and a beneficial effect on diabetes and liver disease. Further effect on persons who are outsize and under stress, and diseases of the nerves and blood vessels. Ayurvedic oils are the foundation of traditional medicine and are needed for person for everyday use. Oils moisturize, nourish and what is most important for the man they calm down. Oiling the entire body with ayurvedic oils stimulates blood circulation and rapid excretion of toxins through the skin. Herbal oils are made from organic matter at the base of sesame, almond, coconut or sunflower. Medical oils are made from one or more of ayurvedic herbs. Ayurveda science comes from the realization that health comes from the consistency of all aspects of the human being – the meaning of existence, emotions, thoughts and physical actions.