Ayurveda science comes from the realization that health comes from the consistency of all aspects of the human being – the meaning of existence, emotions, thoughts and physical actions. Western doctrine speaks of mind- body or mind-body-soul, with the addition that the mind consists of Ego and Ida. Ida nadi is one of the three main nadis, or channels of energy, in the body. It is a Sanskrit term with Ida meaning “comfort” and nadi meaning “channel” or “flow.” In the science of Ayurveda, it is believed that keeping the nadis free of blockages promotes the flow of Prana (life force energy), which improves physical and mental health. The Ida nadi, which represents mental energy, travels the length of the spinal cord, weaving in and out of the chakras. Ida nadi is also called the chandra, or “moon,” nadi because it is connected to lunar energy. Our existence is very important and depends on our Truthfulness which is connected with our Spiritual energy within. Daily spiritual renewal is key to the true freedom of each individual to have peace within and live the spiritual goal (moksha). Truth is also connected with unity (of faith and belief), which is daily visible-acting with the goodness of man. The three most difficult things for a man are not physical performance nor intellectual achievements but: to give back love for hate (to be truthfully) truthful; to be rejected (being sincere) and to admit you are not right (to be gratefully). There are skills and pseudo-sciences that seek to understand human destiny / karma. According to spiritual science, 65% of our life is governed by fate, i.e. by karma, and 35% by free will. However, we can overcome that 65% of destiny by using 35% of free will if we do the right spiritual practice – the right spiritual practice (positive work and thoughts towards everything on planet earth through emotional ability), means the truth of our existence and at the same time not getting attached / building our Identity through / around the outside world to act / play our Truth! The law of karma is named the same as Newton’s third law: Every action (action) is opposed by an equally and oppositely directed action (reaction). The action of two bodies on each other is equal and oppositely directed. Spiritual astrology Jyotish has an insight into our destiny, which is predestined and begins with birth in a particular family. We build “destiny / karmic events” in all spheres of life, first in our family and the environment where we live. In this way, we will come to a deeper understanding and to spirituality, which is useful even to those who have no desire for spirituality, who just want to enjoy pleasures without any feeling that there are destinies. Ayurveda medicine looks at man through cosmic consciousness which is expressed through the five elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth for the balancing health of the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Prakrut is our personal bio-constitution, or body type / dosha or psychosomatic category / guna-identity which is determined at birth or at the moment of conception. Most people have two dominant doshas, while the third is less dominant. There are few people in whom all three doshas are equally dominant, or in whom only one dosha dominates. Vata dosha creates balance: the element of space and air and the senses of sound/voice and touch – it is responsible for all types of movement, breathing, emotions, absorption and excretion of food, and the work of the nervous system. Pitta dosha creates balance: the element of fire and water and the senses of sight and taste – controls digestion, blood, immunity and vitality, hormonal processes, body temperature, intelligence. Kapha dosha creates balance: the element earth and water and the senses of smell and taste – coordinates anabolism, supplies the body with moisture, is responsible for the health, growth and maintenance of the organism. Doshas exist not only in man, but also within the entire creation, in plants, animals and in nature: rain nourishes the earth with moisture (Kapha), with the help of the sun (Pitta) all plants grow and ripen, wind (Vata) pollinates plants. The harmony between the three doshas is very important for life on earth. Conversely, an imbalance between the three doshas is disastrous for life: floods (Kapha), heat (Pitta) and storms (Vata) destroy the earth. Diet, lifestyle, climate, polluted environment, work, human relationships, even weather can cause an imbalance of doshas in the body. Special Dr. Gupta products are intended for the correlation of order (health), so that a person does not live in a chronic condition, i.e. disorder (disease). We can experience the state of health when all three doshas are in balance, when urine, stool and sweat are produced and excreted regularly, when the seven body tissues (plasma, blood, muscles, and fat, bone, nervous and reproductive tissue) function normally and when mind, senses and consciousness work harmoniously together. A number of disease states can be caused by wrong diet, habits, lifestyle, incompatible food combinations, seasonal changes, suppressed emotions and stress.